CUA50815 Diploma of Music Industry

CUA50815 Diploma of Music Industry

If you would like to refine your musical ability so you have skills to perform both as a featured soloist and as part of a group or ensemble, this course is for you.

You will learn how to refine your music theory and performance skills, expand your repertoire, develop concert programs and leadership skills. You will also learn how to manage your freelance career, write and implement a business plan and administer the copyright of your compositions.

The Diploma of Music Industry is suitable for students who have specialised knowledge and music skills and who can apply integrated technical and theoretical concepts to perform as a musician with advanced skills, focusing on one instrument.

The course length is four terms of 8 weeks with 20 hours of instructions per week. Students will take part in an annual concert during term 4.

Students are required to undertake an additional 4 hours per week which will consist of private practice time, rehearsal, performance and attendance at concerts.

Students have an optional two-week grace period at the end of term 4 to complete and submit assessments.




CUAMPF404 Perform music as part of a group

CUAMPF406 Perform music as a soloist

BSBCRT501 Originate and develop concepts

CUACMP501 Manage copyright arrangements

CUAIND402 Provide freelance services

CUAPPR505 Establish and maintain safe creative practice

CUAMLT501 Refine aural-perception skills

CUAMPF501 Prepare a program for performance

CUAMPF503 Perform accompaniment

CUAMPF505 Develop technical skills and expand repertoire

CUAMPF507 Provide musical leadership in performance

CUAWRT503 Write about music

CUAMCP402 Develop technical for composing music

CUAMPF401 Rehearse music for group performances

CUAMPF410 Perform music from written notation

CUAIND501 Apply music industry knowledge

Entry Requirements:
  • Entry to the Diploma of Music Industry may follow successful completion of the Certificate IV in Music Industry
  • Specialised knowledge and musical skills.
  • Audition: Your trainer will gather evidence through an audition process before enrolment. The audition process will determine your aural skills, music knowledge and experience and performance techniques. Your individual talent in music will be recognised and fostered and learning goals established to enable you to become an integral part of a group performance and the music industry.


When you successfully complete this course you can continue on to study the Advanced Diploma of Music Industry.
Career Opportunities:
Performer, instrumentalist, session musician, vocalist or composer.

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