Any person wishing to make a complaint against QCM Pty Ltd concerning its conduct as an RTO or appeal an assessment decision shall have access to the complaints and appeals procedure. Separate interviews will be held with both the person making the complaint and the person the complaint is about. The procedure describes the steps in lodging an informal complaint or appeal and a formal complaint or appeal.

Informal complaint or appeal:

  • the initial stage of any complaint or appeal shall be to communicate directly with a representative of QCM Pty Ltd who if able to resolve the issue, will make a decision and record the outcome
  • person(s) dissatisfied with the outcome of the complaint or appeal to the representative may then complain or appeal to the Director, who if able to resolve the issue will record the outcome. The Director will at this time review the evidence used to make an assessment decision in the case of an appeal.
  • person(s) dissatisfied with the outcome of the complaint or appeal to the Director may initiate a ‘formal complaint or appeal’.

Formal complaint or appeal:

The formal complaint or appeals process is implemented if a grievance cannot be resolved informally. All formal complaints and appeals will be heard and decided within 10 working days of the receipt of the written complaint/appeal.

An independent person or body, independent of and external to QCM Pty Ltd, will be appointed to hear the external complaint or appeal. The person or body will:

  • have no personal or professional interest in the outcome of the complaint or appeal
  • have no influence on QCM’s policy development or organisational structure
  • be financially and administratively independent of QCM Pty Ltd.

QCM Pty Ltd will appoint such private conciliator, mediator or dispute resolution counsellor to hear formal complaints as required. The complainant/appellant shall be given an opportunity to present his/her case to the independent person or body and may be accompanied by one other person as support or as representation. A decision will be communicated to all parties in writing within 5 working days of the decision.

When reviewing the external complaints handling process, QCM Pty Ltd will ensure the process is impartial, fair and open. The Principal Administrator will keep a Register of Complaints which documents all informal/formal complaints/appeals and their resolution. Any substantiated complaints/appeals will be reviewed as part of the continuous improvement procedure.

If the student chooses to access the complaints and appeals processes QCM Pty Ltd will maintain the student’s enrolment while the complaints and appeals process is ongoing.