Frequently Asked Questions

What is the application process?
  1. Complete and send audition form*
  2. Pay a $70 audition fee
  3. Complete the audition form (
  4. Sit your audition
  5. Once notified that you have passed the audition, complete and send the enrolment form

*this is not a requirement for Certificate II

What do I have to prepare for the audition?

The applicant is required to perform three contrasting pieces of their choice.

Keep in mind that the audition is not a test but an opportunity for the Queensland College of Music to determine your current knowledge and skill to ensure qualifications in Music are relevant to you and will enhance your musicianship and employability.

The audition performance will be an opportunity for you to demonstrate:

  • proficiency and confidence in your selected instrument
  • an ability to perform with confidence and expression
  • technical skills, music reading skills, and aural perception skills
What are the key course dates?
What is the age range of students?

There are no upper age limits for QCM students. You are welcome to study at QCM if you are an adult. For lower age limit we take students that are Year 10 and above at QLD High Schools.

What public transport is there near QCM?

Queensland College of Music islocated at 107 Quay St Brisbane.

The closest bus stop is Upper Roma St near Quay St, stop 3, Petrie Terrace, which is approximately an14 minute walk from the campus.
The closet train stations are Roma Street Station, which is approximately an 11-minute walk from the campus; or Milton Station, which is approximately an14 minute walk from the campus.

There is also a major bus interchange at Roma Street.

MORE INFORMATION More information can be found on the Translink website

What is VET?

VET stands for Vocational Education and Training. It is a form of accredited training. VET training focuses on job-related training, skills and knowledge focusing on industry requirements and industry-based outcomes.