Certificate IV in Music

Course Code: CUA40920


4 terms (1 year)

Fees *

$4620 (Adult Students)

$3540 (High School Students)

$12,600 (International Students)

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Intake Dates

January, July

QCE points and ATAR equivalents

Receive up to 8 credit points (QCE)

ATAR equivalents vary depending on the institution

*There are no subsidy/funding options for this course

I studied the Certificate IV in music whilst at school and had to manage both my school work and certificate course content. I had no difficulties managing either and was greatly supported by the staff at QCM. I ended up greatly benefiting from both after I graduated from highschool!

Is this course for me?

If you are an adult or highschool student who has a passion for music and can provide evidence that demonstrate your well-developed musical knowledge and instrumental skills, this course is perfect for you! 

Whether you want to become a freelance performer, composer, ensemble member, or even just build on your music skills, the Certificate IV in Music can introduce you to a vast range of content that cover the different aspects of music.

What will I learn?

In Certificate IV in Music you will not only learn how to refine your instrumental techniques, but also learn how to compose music, how copyright works and what different business opportunities there are in the music industry. Additionally, the course provides plenty of performance opportunities for students to showcase their talent in both solo and group form. 

Specific course units have been listed below (Table 1).


Structure of the course


The duration of Certificate IV in Music is one year (4 terms of 9 weeks).

Adult students will be required to come in for two full days per week. In total, the students should be spending 20 hours of instructions and 4 hours of private practice, rehearsals and performances per week.

Highschool students will either undertake the qualification at school (9 week school terms), or attend our campus one to two days a week (9 week terms). An additional four hours per week will be allocated to private practice, rehearsals, performances and attendance of concerts.

Distant adult and highschool students do not have a set due date for completion of their course, however we recommend these students to set an individual deadline for themselves (~1 year). Our External Representative staff will stay in contact with these students to confirm their progress. *Distant Grade 12 students wanting to use their Certificate IV in Music to add to their QCE points or support their University entry, should be finishing the course before QCAA submissions end in early November.

Highschool Students

QCE points

The qualifications also provide credit points to the Queensland Certificate of Education. Current credit points:

  • Certificate IV in Music – up to 8 credit points

ATAR equivalents

The ATAR equivalent to a Certificate IV will vary depending on the university/institution you want to gain entry into. Please visit the university or institution’s website for more information.

Entry Requirements

Domestic Students International Students
  • Submit documents supporting your skill level and experience in music to the Trainer

  • Participate in an audition process: this process will determine your aural skills, music knowledge and performance techniques

  • For the audition, prepare two contrasting pieces.
  • Submit documents supporting your skill level and experience in music to the Trainer
  • Provide evidence of English proficiency (minimum achieved of 6.0 IELTS) and successful completion of senior schooling (school reports, academic records, instrumental/singing tuition) 
  • *If you cannot provide evidence of english proficiency or graduate certificate from secondary school, you must sit a language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) quiz organised by the college.
  • Participate in an audition process: this process will determine your aural skills, music knowledge and performance techniques

Your individual talent in music will be recognised and fostered, and learning goals will be established to enable you to become an integral part of a group performance and the music industry.


Click here for more information about RPL for Certificate IV (CUA40920)

Qualification Units

Table 1. Units of Competency for Certificate IV in Music

Code Unit of Competency Title
CUACMP311 Implement copyright arrangements
BSBESB301 Investigate business opportunities
CUAIND411 Extend expertise in specialist creative fields
CUAMWB402 Manage feedback on creative practice
CUAMCP412 Compose musical pieces
CUAMLT411 Notate music for performance
CUAMPF415 Develop and apply instrumental techniques
CUAMPF411 Rehearse music for group performances
CUAMPF414 Perform music as part of a group
CUAMPF416 Perform music as a soloist
CUARES412 Conduct Research
BSBOPS403 Apply business risk management processes
CUAMPF412 Develop and apply stagecraft skills
CUAMPF312 Prepare for musical performances


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