Certificate II in Music

Course Code: CUA20620

Why study Certificate II in Music?

This course is the perfect starting point for the young aspiring musician with a desire to develop entry-level skills that will allow for the ability to pursue further music education.

This introductory course will teach you music knowledge and listening skills, how to play simple music pieces and basic music theory.

The Certificate II in Music is ideal for young people who have a love of music with limited practical skills as a musician. Individual interests in music will be fostered and learning goals established to enable you to gain the necessary skills in musicianship with support provided by your chosen specialist, as you focus on one instrument.

Students are required to undertake extra hours that will consist of practice time, study time and performances. Students have an optional two-week grace period at the end of term 4 to complete and submit assessments.

Duration: 4 terms of 9 weeks with 4 hours of instructions per week

Delivery: Local or Distance study

Entry Requirements

  • There are no prior entry requirements for the CUA20620 Certificate II in Music.
  • Your individual talent in music will be recognised and fostered and learning goals will be established to enable you to become an integral part of a group performance and the music industry.

Qualification Units

Code Unit of Competency Title
BSBWHS211 Contribute to health and safety of self and others
BSBTWK201 Work effectively with others
CUAIND211 Develop and apply creative arts industry knowledge
CUAMLT211 Develop musical ideas and knowledge
CUAMPF111 Develop skills to play or sing music
CUAMPF211 Perform simple musical pieces
BSBSUS211 Participate in sustainable work practices
BSBPEF202 Plan and apply time management



The qualifications also provide credit points to the Queensland Certificate of Education. Current credit points:

  • Certificate II in Music – up to 4 credit points

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