Costs and refunds

Learners are to enrol for the course, but fees will be payable in advance per term. The cost of each qualification varies, please contact us for information on the fees for each course.

Alternatively, learners may enrol for single competencies at a cost of $275 inc for the Certificate IV (CUA40915) or $440 for the Diploma (CUA50815).

Students applying for Cert IV RPL pay $660 and $275 for any unit identified as not meeting Cert IV RPL requirements. Students applying for Diploma RPL pay $1320 and $440 for any unit identified as not meeting Diploma RPL requirements.

The leaner will receive a full refund if cancellation is made prior to the commencement of classes. No refund is provided once the learner has commenced classes or submitted an RPL application.

Delivery of course

Delivery of our qualifications is face-to-face. The time frame for delivery is dependant on the course you choose. Please see our Qualifications page for more information on the courses we offer. Extra hours will be required of students in practise time, study time and performances. Some units of competency are delivered online as they do not require face to face instruction.

Students may be enrolled for Term 1 at the beginning of any term. Some negotiation may be available for specific student needs.