Advanced Diploma of Music

Course Code: CUA60520

Why study Advanced Diploma of Music?

This course is for adults who have specialised knowledge and music skills and who use wide-ranging analytical, technical, creative, conceptual and managerial skills specialising in music industry performance. Participants will be provided the opportunity to provide tuition to others and to provide musical leadership in performance.

The course will be conducted over 4 terms of 9 weeks with 20 hours per week in supervised face-to-face classes and an additional four hours per week in private practice time, rehearsal, performance and attendance at concerts. An extra two weeks is added to term 4 for assessment completion and annual concert. Students will focus on developing skills in one instrument, instructing in one instrument and performing as a soloist, with accompaniment and/or group. Students will be required to organise a musical event that will require the incorporation of skills relating to work safety, leadership and rehearsal leadership.

Entry Requirements

Entry to the Advanced Diploma will require students to have completed Diploma of Music or will be required to participate in an audition process and provide evidence of music skills and experience prior to enrolment. The audition process will focus on determining music skills of applicants, evidence of their music knowledge and performance experience. Their individual talent in music will be recognised and fostered and learning goals established to enable them to apply music knowledge and skill to professional practice.

Qualification Units


Unit of Competency Title


Manage copyright arrangements


Assess significance of music and apply knowledge to professional practice


Establish and maintain safe creative practice


Engage in the business of creative practice


Provide musical leadership in performance



Refine performance techniques and expand repertoire



Lead music rehearsals


Extend techniques for composing music


Provide instrumental or vocal tuition (Also in CUASS00058)



Develop marketing plans


Develop and implement business plans


Write about music


Extend expertise in specialist creative fields (Also in CUASS00058)


Provide work skill instruction (Also in CUASS00058 and TAESS00014)


Make presentations (Also in TAESS00014)

Fees and Charges

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